Interacting Photons - We start at AMOLF!

NWO granted me a Veni!

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Dissipative phase transition
We probe the quantum dynamics of a nonlinear resonator across a dissipative phase transition
Interaction-Induced Hopping Phase
Photon-photon interactions enable us to control the phase that a photon picks when hopping between coupled cavities
Polariton Lasing
We investigate novel hybrid light-matter systems for achieving lasing or condensation at room-temperature


I start as a tenure-track group leader @ AMOLF on 1/11/2017



Interacting photons in microcavity arrays

We seek a highly motivated and talented Postdoc with experience in experimental optics to join our team. You can read the job description and apply at the AMOLF website!

Interacting photons in microcavity arrays

We seek  a highly motivated and talented PhD student to join our team.  You can read the job description and apply at the AMOLF website!

Working with a tenure-tracker

I did my PhD with a tenure-track group leader at AMOLF (Jaime Gomez Rivas). It was very rewarding experience!  I defended ‘Cum Laude‘ (top 3-5% of all PhDs), won the FOM Thesis prize, published 20 peer-reviewed papers, filed for 4 patents,  and learned a lot! Some of my colleagues who also worked with tenure-trackers at AMOLF did fantastic PhDs, resulting in many breakthrough discoveries and top publications.
Working with a tenure-tracker will give you the unique opportunity to build a lab from the ground up –  with the full investment of the group leader. This process is particularly smooth and pleasant at AMOLF thanks to the outstanding support from the staff (design, mechanics, electronics, software, administrative, etc.), and  the guidance from more senior groups which are eager to help new groups thrive at AMOLF !




Synergies make AMOLF an exciting place to work at!  For the Interacting Photons group,  synergies will  be enabled by the versatility of our experimental systems.  Through our interest in the properties of hybrid light-matter systems, we connect to several ongoing efforts at AMOLF.  On the materials side, we will be working in close collaboration with the groups of Erik Garnett and Bruno Ehrler . They are fabricating state-of-the art nanostructured materials which we will couple to optical microcavities.  On the optics side, there are many opportunities for collaboration with the groups of Femius Koenderink, Ewold Verhagen, Albert Polman, and Huib Bakker.   They have a wide range of state-of-the art optical setups which can be used to probe the physics of interacting photons in microcavities.
Synergies will empower us to achieve much more than what we could achieve alone. They will enable us to look at highly relevant problems from different viewpoints, and to share the joy of discovery with our colleagues at AMOLF!