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Dissipative phase transition
We probed a dissipative phase transition in zero dimensions. We achieved this by measuring the dynamical optical hysteresis of a nonlinear cavity, as well as the dynamics of metastable states.
Interaction Induced Hopping Phase
We use photon-photon interactions to control the phase that a photon picks when hopping between cavities.
Polariton Lasing
Polariton lasing in organic room-temperature systems

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Interacting photons in tunable microcavities
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Interacting photons in microcavity arrays

We seek a highly motivated and talented Postdoc, with experience in experimental optics, to join our team.

Interacting photons in microcavity arrays

We seek  highly motivated and talented PhD student to join our team.


Joining a starting group is a challenge and an opportunity!  At the Interacting Photons group, the challenge is to create a new state-of-the art experimental setup that will open the door to new physics. The opportunity is to create new synergies with other groups at AMOLF. These will allow us collectively achieve much more than what we could achieve by ourselves. These synergies will fueled by the versatility of the experimental systems we will develop.